Short fictional film | 14’ | SPAIN | 2017 | Premier in Valencia.

DIRECTOR: Adriana Adeva
PRODUCTOR: Adriana Adeva

Cast: Ana Ruiz García, Beatriz Pérez, Lucía Castellanos Amador


Paula goes to her village to visit her family. Through the spaces and the conversations with her grandmother she will journey through memories where she will be reunited with her childhood self.


  • Luna De Cortos, Festival De Cortometrajes Del Órbigo > jul 2018


LAS JARAS, Adriana Adeva [TRAILER – Original version with English subtitles] from FREAK Independent Film Agency on Vimeo.


Adriana Adeva was born in Madrid in the late 80’s. She is a screenwriter and director. Having specialised as an illumination technician, Adriana skilfully works with the treatment of images and has recently worked on several productions, including the critically acclaimed Amar en tiempos revueltos. In 2010 she received her bachelor degree in Film Direction at the School of Film and Audiovisual, Madrid (ECAM), and not long after developed her career as an advertising director. She graduated in 2013 as co-director of the short film Untitled which has been selected for several festivals, including at Viña del Mar International Film Festival (FICVINA).
She continues developing her talents as a scriptwriter while also collaborating on film works for the San Sebastián International Film Festival. In this role she has met screenwriter Michel Gaztambide who has tutored and mentored her during the early stages of Las Jaras.
She is currently developing her next solo project while working in the industry she loves.