Licensed producer in Visual Communication in the University of Information Science in Seville, Agus has worked over twenty years in the development and production of films, tv movies, documentaries and short films in different companies of the film industry.

Also, she has lead the department of development of projects in different producers such as international and national co-productions. During this years she has participated in  twenty films with film directors such as  Jesús Ponce, Paco Cabezas, Isaki Lacuesta, Eliseo Subiera, Alicia Sherson, Ana Rosa Diego, Chiqui Carabante, Alfonso Sánchez and Paco León.

What’s more she has been the executive producer in many short films, documentaries and films; “Love isn’t what it was’ ‘, “Ebro, from the crib to the battlefield” and  “The world is his”

Once she grew in her professional career she created her own business called “Enciende TV” where she works as the executive producer in the present time.

In 2020 Para toda la muerte directed by Alfonso Sáncehz and the movie Exodus by Román Parrado have their cinema premiere. Both films are produced by “Enciende TV”. In march 2022, the film The world is yours premieres in the cinema. 

Moreover, she’s the president of the AMMA and belongs to the board of directors of the society ANCINE.