Inauguration of the VII Women and Cinema International Biennial

27 JANUARY | 7:00 p.m. | CCC OCTUBRE

Tribute to the godmother 2023: Nathalie Martínez

Women behind the camera: Ana Mariscal

28 JANUARY | 7:00 p.m. | CCC OCTUBRE

In the centenary of her birth, we paid homage to one of the pioneers of Spanish cinema, Ana Mariscal, with the screening of her film El Camino (1963) and a subsequent debate moderated by Alicia Martínez

Guest Festival: International Women’s Film Festival of Barcelona

29 JANUARY | 7:00 p.m. | CCC OCTUBRE

We celebrate 30 years of the birth of the first film festival dedicated to cinema fet per dones in Spain with the companies of the Mostra Internacional Films de Dones de Barcelona : Angéls Seix and Marta Selva. 

Presentation of the book Un trajecte pels feminismes fílmics , written by Marta Selva and Ana Solá, hosted by Maria Safra and Ángels Seix. 

Projection of a selection of films from the MIFDB:

  • What cannot be seen must be shown , Maria Ruido, 12min, 2010
  • What you say I am , Virginia García del Pino, 27min, 2007
  • Organize the (im)possible , Carme Gomila and Tonina Matamalas, 14min, 2017
  • Elena Universo , Marga Almirall, 17min, 2018

Debate: Situation and Needs of Women’s Mostres and Film Festivals

30 JANUARY | 11:30 a.m. | CM RECTOR PESET

Discussion with representatives of the TRAMA coordinator about the shows dedicated to cinema made by women. Participants: Angels Seix and Maria Zafra from Mostra Films de Dones de Barcelona ; Ana Gutierrez and Amparo Moreno from Zinemakumeak gara! – Muestra de cine dirigido por mujeres de Bilbao; Chus Fenero of the International Film Festival Realitzat per Dones de Huesca

Talk: Intersectionality in the Cinema i l’Audiovisual

02 FEBRUARY | 11:30 | CM RECTOR PESET *with online broadcast

Reflections with experts from the audiovisual sector specialized in diversity on the advances (if any) of the industry with respect to true inclusion. 

Participants: Salima Jirari, Ana Alkimim and Jennifer de la Rosa

Cafe with Directors

03 FEBRUARY | 12:00 |

Networking event with festival guests (to be confirmed)

Closing of the Festival and Awards Ceremony

04 FEBRUARY | 7:00 p.m. | CCC OCTUBRE