Avelina Prat

Avelina Prat is an architect, a profession she practiced for a few years before dedicating herself to cinema. She has worked as a script in more than thirty feature films, alongside directors such as Fernando Trueba, Cesc Gay, Manuel Martín Cuenca, Javier Rebollo, David Trueba and Lucile Hadzihalilovic. She has also been a programmer at the International Youth Cinema Festival in Valencia. She has written and directed several documentaries and short films. 3/105, co-directed with Diego Opazo, was selected at the Venice Mostra. She has just released her first feature film, Vasil, produced by Distinto Films and Activist 38, awarded the ex-aequo award for best actor for Karra Elejalde and Ivan Barnev at SEMINCI and for best film, script and direction at the 2022 Berlanga Awards.

Maria Minguez

María Mínguez (Valencia, 1982) studied at the New York Film Academy with a Fulbright scholarship and began working as a screenwriter in 2007, writing comedies such as Autoindefinits and Socarrats, audience successes on Valencian television. In 2019, she premiered her first film as a screenwriter, Vivir dos veces, which was nominated for the Forqué Awards and won the Berlanga award for Best Screenplay and Best Film from the Valencian Audiovisual Academy. In 2020, she premiered the film Amor en Polvo, winner of the Best Comedy award at the Cinequest festival in the United States. In addition, he is co-writer of the film Unicornios, which is scheduled to be released in 2023. As an animation scriptwriter, he has participated in the series Sexsymbols, El diario de Bita y Cora (nominated for Best Children’s Program at the 2021 Iris Awards) and the co-production international Alice’s Diary. She has just released “El sonido del crimen”, the first sound fiction on Spotify in Spain; she teaches in the Master of Script at the Barreira school in Valencia and is president of EDAV and member of the board of AVAV. She is also developing series and films with production companies such as Filmax, Atipica, The Immigrant or TV ON and has developed projects for production companies such as Avalon, MOD or DLO. She has recently won the Pez Dorado award for the best fiction project within the framework of Iberseries Platinum 2021.

Cecilia Ibañez

Cecilia Ibáezez is a director, screenwriter and audiovisual producer. Doctor of History Complutense University. Starts in Madrid his studies of Cinema Management with Pilar Miró and Fernando Colomo; Direction of Actors with Fernando Trueba; and Build with Pablo de l’Amo. He continued his studies in writing with Lola Salvador Maldonado and Eliseo Altunaga, “Guru of the Writers” at the Santo Film School Antoni de Baños. Creates its production company Imaginary Productions RCI in 2016, performing several works audiovisuals, both in fiction and documentaries, advertising and programmes of television, dedicating most of his works to social, historical and other topics archaeological. Committed to society and current reality, write, direct and She produces numerous works in which the main topic is gender violence. Write direct and produce in 35mm two short films: “Let His Message” (1995) and “Pupes” (2004). Another of his many short films is “La Mirada Es Important” (2011), for which he receives special mention in the Parity and Equality pageant Mercosur.


Salima Jirari

Salima Jirari is a consultant specializing in the diversity of audiovisual projects. He collaborates with various programs, companies and universities by advising developing projects and giving sessions around unconscious biases in the creative process. With more than ten years of experience, he has worked in different areas of the sector such as distribution or production. He advocates culture and cinema as a tool of critical thought and social change.

Amparo Fortuny

Director and producer. She has founded the producer The next day films and directed and produced documentaries, videclips, artvideo and publicity. Her documentary To study in spring has had a long journey on festivals and film libraries with a good mediatic reputation and is now available in Mubi and Filmin. The Way I Welcome You is her last work and explores how the memory and places that we have been throughout our life interact with the way our identity comes out. At the moment, she combines direction, production and cultural management with teaching audiovisual production and narrative in the Glasgow Clyde College.

Nagore Eceiza

Born in Donostia and licensed in marketing, advertising and PR and mastered in author documentary by the cinema observatory of Barcelona. She’s producer, director, editor, photo director and colorist. At this moment she works at the short film Olatu baten istorioa and the film If you wish to make an apple pie as a screenwriter, director and executive producer. For this short film she has won the endowment of the basque government for the screenplay 2020 and development 2021. Also, she has been selected in the Noka mentoring program of 2020 and development in 2021. Her films Fiftie Rupees Only (2017) and After María (2019) should be noted.


Nathalie Martínez

Producer, director and founder of Wise Blue Studios (Valencia, Spain), she has worked in animation, live action and TV movies since 1999 and produced her first feature film in 2003. With a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valencia, she completed her postgraduate studies in Film and Education at the Catholic University of Valencia. In 2021, Nathalie won the Goya Award for Best Animated Short Film as producer of Blue & Malone. Impossible cases (2020), directed by Abraham Guerrero. Focusing on the feature film portfolio, Nathalie produced the animated film Animal Crackers (2017), which premiered at the official section of the Annecy Film Festival and was released in 200 countries on Netflix in July 2020. She is currently leading a variety of projects in different stages of development while directing the TV series MiBots Universe, after co-directing with Maxi Valero the preschool series Hero Dad (2020), a pioneer in the world for being the first animated series produced in real time with Unity.

Myriam Ballesteros

Myriam Ballesteros graduated in Journalism and studied cinema, television and animation in the New York University, BBC, EAVE, CARTOON… Founder of MB Productions and IMIRA and has worked as a director, showrunner, story editor and producer directing animation series such as Lucky Fred, Sandra Detective de cuentos, Lola y Virginia, Meme y E Sr.Bobo… that have been sold in more than 100 countries and award-winning in festivals such as CIFF, Cartoon on de Bay… and also her short films La super rabieta, La leyenda de un hombre malo, Mi mejor amiga and Cenicienta Swing. In the present time she works in the animation series Annie and Carola and Cenicienta enmascarada.


Elia Torrecillas

She develops an interdisciplinary artistic project focused on the activity of the walk in all its forms; a practice to become aware of space and feel part of the urban whole through the body, for this reason, these proposals approach the field of performance, which he performs both individually and collectively. From 2012 to the present, he has been showing the work developed, in various exhibitions and artistic events, both national and international, among which the participation in: “Actions from the periphery” stands out. Sound-musical proto-performances from Bohemia to the Spanish historical avant-garde (1890-1958). XXIV International Festival of Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music “Punto De Encuentro” (Sala SGAE, Valencia), 2017; Unnoticed Art Festival in the Netherlands (2015); ErrareRomaWest at MAXXI Rome, 2016; Unnoticed Art at Platforms Project, Athens-Greece, 2017. Through the stay in artistic residencies at the Ifitry Contemporary Art Center – Morocco, 2014; International Center for Graphic Arts Ljubljana – Slovenia, 2014.

Annamaria Staiano

She has worked mainly as producer of queer shorts and documentaries as well as TV researcher and production manager and as a film distributor for Imaginary Films & Boudicca Film Sales when living in the UK. She currently lives in Spain and continues making films in collaboration with the queer arts collective La Erreria (House of Bent), and was awarded the MUSEARI QUEER ART AWARD in 2020.