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Mother in Arms

SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM I 21´10” I BIRMANIA I 2018 | PREMIERE IN EUROPE. DIRECTOR: NU NU HLAING. SYNOPSIS: Mi Sue Pwint is a member of the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front, the student army formed after nationwide protests were brutally… Continue Reading →

Mini Miss

SHORT DOCUMENTARY I 15 ‘I BRAZIL I 2018 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Rachel Daisy Ellis. Producer: Rachel Daisy Ellis. CAST Eloah Carvalho Eloísa Pinto de Almeida Lara Steffans Kunzler Maria Helena Muller Maria Vitoria de Melo SYNOPSIS Filmed entirely… Continue Reading →


DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM | 5´ 14” | USA | 2015 | PREMIERE IN SPAIN. DIRECTOR: LAUREN KNAPP SYNOPSIS Over the past decade schools have become concerned with protecting their students from the threat of an armed gunman. In the aftermath… Continue Reading →


DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM | 15’40” | SPAIN | 2017 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Pilar Palomero PRODUCER: Pilar Palomero Screenplay: Pilar Palomero Producer: Pilar Palomero Cinematography: Pilar Palomero Edition: Pilar Palomero Sound: Pilar Palomero SYNOPSIS Horta is the experimentation of… Continue Reading →

Heridas Contra el Olvido

DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM | 6´| SPAIN | 2017 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Raquel Agea Ramos. SYNOPSIS I found a series of domestic photographs thrown in the trash, scattered all over the sidewalk. All were divided in half, torn with… Continue Reading →

Everything That I’m Not

DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM | 15´ | UK | 2017 | PREMIERE IN SPAIN. DIRECTOR: ROMAN MANFREDI. SYNOPSIS An experimental documentary that centres the relationships of 3 Butch/Stud and Femme lesbian couples living in the UK. The viewer is invited to… Continue Reading →

Breathing Still

DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM | 8’ 07” | UNITED KINGDOM | 2018 | PREMIER IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Jill Daniels. SYNOPSIS Daniels’, a disciple of the Marxist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, explores Berlin’s memorials to Rosa – and to the Jews who once lived… Continue Reading →

Ancora Lucciole

DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM | 14’ | SPAIN | 2018 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Maria Elorza. SYNOPSIS: In 1972, in one of his best-known articles, Pier Paolo Pasolini spoke of the disappearance of fireflies. A few months later he was… Continue Reading →

You’re Welcome

SHORT FICTIONAL FILM| 9’ | GERMANY | 2017 | PREMIERE IN SPAIN DIRECTOR: Rebecca Panian CAST Olivia: Daniela Schulz Girl: Liv Killing Barista: Björn von der Wellen Security: Christoph Letkowski Bus Driver: Tom Keune Young Man: Bernardo Arias Porras SYNOPSIS You… Continue Reading →


SHORT FICTIONAL FILM I 7’ | NUEVA ZELANDA I 2018. DIRECTORA: Tabitha Arthur. CAST: HER MAGGIE LEIGH WHITE HIM ALEX GREIG SYNOPSIS A woman suspended in grief and the memories of her husband has cocooned herself in their home, which has become… Continue Reading →


SHORT FICTIONAL FILM | 9’ 23” | REINO UNIDO | 2017 | WORLD PREMIERE. DIRECTOR: Emma Miranda Moore. PRODUCER: There You Are. Dancers: Carmela Birch Georgina Bradley Brandon Brereton Holly Collins Ossie Crick Scooter Crick Tyra Egbri Shea Finkelstein Imogen… Continue Reading →


SHORT FICTIONAL FILM | 14’ | GREECE | 2018 | PREMIER IN SPAIN DIRECTOR: Ismene Daskarolis PRODUCTOR: Ismene Daskarolis CAST Ismene Daskarolis Key Cast “Woman” The Gift of the Magi, Artos, Unknown Pi Jerker Beckman Key Cast “Man” Cassette SYNOPSIS On… Continue Reading →

Mignight Run es

Short fictional film | 15’ | INDIA | 2018 | Premer in Spain. DIRECTOR: Remya Raj. PRODUCER: Satheesh Eriyalath. CAST Dileesh Pothan Key Cast “Truck Driver” Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum Chethan Jayalal Key Cast “Boy” Guppy (Guppy) Emine Salman Key Cast “Girl”… Continue Reading →

Locker Room

Short fictional film I 14’ I AUSTRALIA I 2017 | International premier DIRECTOR: Greta Nash PRODUCTOR: Honeylyn Lisson Key Cast: Bridie Noonan Director of Photography: Max Walter Production Designer: Shelley Williams Costume Designer: Joe Noonan Composer: Greta Nash SYNOPSIS A 16-year-old girl discovers her… Continue Reading →

Las Jaras

Short fictional film | 14’ | SPAIN | 2017 | Premier in Valencia. DIRECTOR: Adriana Adeva PRODUCTOR: Adriana Adeva Cast: Ana Ruiz García, Beatriz Pérez, Lucía Castellanos Amador SYNOPSIS Paula goes to her village to visit her family. Through the… Continue Reading →

La madre buena (The good Mother)

Short fictional film | 5’ 36” | MEXICO, UK | 2016 | Premier in Spain DIRECTOR: Sarah Clift MOTHER: Monica del Carmen SON: Abraham Espíndola FATHER: Fermín Martínez GRANDMOTHER: Mary Paz Mata PIÑATA SELLER: Luis Eduardo Yee MYSTIC MAN: Ángel Garnica DONALD TRUMP… Continue Reading →


Short fictional film | 7’ 52” | SPAIN | 2018 | Premier in Valencia. DIRECTOR: Marta Font Pascual. Guión: Marta Font Pascual Fotografía: Miquel Forrellad Montaje: Alex Miñarro Sonido: Alejandra Molina Producción Ejecutiva: Mireia Graell Vivancos Reparto: Arnau Font, Marta Font,… Continue Reading →

Gros Chagrin

Short Fictional Film I 15’ I FRANCIA I 2017 | Premier in Valencia. DIRECTOR: Cèline Devaux CAST: Céline Devaux, Swann Arlaud, Victoire Du Bois SYNOPSIS Give it time. You’ll get over it. Jean celebrates his birthday, gets drunk and recalls… Continue Reading →


Short fictional film I 10’ I GERMANY I 2018 | Premier in Spain. DIRECTOR: Silvia Cannarozzi. PRODUCERS: Jade Morass, Alejandra Arias Written and directed by Silvia Cannarozzi Producers: Jade Morash, Alejandra Arias CAST: Caroline Gauthier, Laura Brizuela, Giovanna Nodari, Sophie… Continue Reading →


Short fictional film I 15’ I RUSIA I 2017 | Premier in Spain. DIRECTOR: Tatiana Fedorovskaya. Actor: Viktor  Kruglyak. Actor: Dmitry  Pervushin. SYNOPSIS An old widower, former radio operator, perceives a flashing bulb as his late wife’s messages from Heavens… Continue Reading →

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