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Eingang Ausgang

Short fictional film I 13’ I AUSTRIA I 2017. Premier in Valencia. DIRECTOR: Tania Podveikina. PRODUCER: Philip Hatzl, Pavel Lilienfeld. CAST: Sophie  Willschke, Clemens  Willschke, Caspar  Pfaundler, Max  Montocchio SYNOPSIS The main character is a woman in her 40s. She lives… Continue Reading →


Fiction short film | 14’ | SPAIN | 2018. DIRECTOR: Carlota Pereda Production Company: IMVAL Madrid, Pantalla Partida S.L. Direction: Carlota Pereda Cast: Laura Galán, Paco Hidalgo, Elisabet Casanovas, Sara Barroso, Mireia Vilapuig, Jorge Elorza Script: Carlota Pereda Production: Luis… Continue Reading →

Azul Vazante

Fiction short film | 15’ | BRASIL | Premier in Spain. Director: Julia Alquéres. Producer: Trapézio Produções Culturais. Camila  Tarifa Actor actress: Teka Romuald. Renata  Gaspar SYNOPSIS A mother looks for her son in a hospital. She will find her daughter. FESTIVALS… Continue Reading →

Everything’s Better than a Hooker

Documentary feature film I 55′ 50″ I FRANCE I 2017. DIRECTOR: Ovidie SINOPSIS: Eva-Maree Kullander Smith was 27 when she was murdered by the father of her children during a supervised visit arranged by social services. Previously, despite his violent… Continue Reading →

Familienleben – Family Life

Documentary feature film I 97 min. I ALEMANIA I 2018. Premier in Spain. DIRECTOR: Rosa Hannah Ziegler SYNOPSIS: Biggi and Alfred used to be a couple, but life’s tough if you don’t have gainful employment and so they are still… Continue Reading →

The Fruitless Tree

Documentary feature film I 52’ I FRANCIA I 2016. Premier in Europa. DIRECTOR: Aicha Macky. SYNOPSIS: As a married but childless woman, Aicha finds herself in a situation that is totally “out of the ordinary” in her country, Niger, where… Continue Reading →

Roller Girls Revolution

The team of Roller Derby of Valencia, Rayo Dockers, accompanies us in the projection. Documentary feature film I 52’ I FRANCIA I 2018. World premier. DIRECTOR: Margaïd Quioc SYNOPSIS In the cities of Marseille and Cairo, there are those women… Continue Reading →

My Name is Jacque

Documentary feature film I 80’ I BRASIL I 2016. PREMIER IN EUROPE. DIRECTOR Angela Zoé. SYNOPSIS The documentary My Name is Jacque addresses the diversity through the life story of Jacqueline Rocha Cortes, a Brazilian transsexual woman who has been living… Continue Reading →


Fiction feature film I 80´I EEUU I 2015. DIRECTOR: CATI GONZALEZ. PREMIER IN VALENCIA. SYNOPSIS ‘Ekaj’ is a love story between two drifters, a naive teenager and a hustler. Ekaj meets Mecca who takes him under his care. Mecca has… Continue Reading →


Largo de ficción I 80’ I IRÁN I 2018. DIRECTOR Maryam Zahirimehr. PREMIER IN EUROPA. SYNOPSIS: A grief-stricken, reclusive, woman and a young newcomer, become intertwined by the pain of the woman’s past and the trauma that lingers. PRIZES AND… Continue Reading →

Wedding Dance

FICTION FEATURE FILM I 103’ I TURQUÍA I 2016 DIRECTOR Çiğdem Sezgin PREMIER IN SPAIN SYNOPSIS Ahmet is taxi driver and he will engage with a girl who is favor of his mother, but then he choses to have an… Continue Reading →


Fiction feature film I 78’ I CANADA I 2017 DIRECTOR Kristina Wagenbauer PREMIERE IN SPAIN SYNOPSIS Sasha’s mother arrives on her doorstep like a hurricane without warning. The young musician is unable to hide her trepidation as her mother asks… Continue Reading →

Team V Biennial

DIRECTOR: Giovanna Ribes. CO-DIRECTOR: Deborah Micheletti. PRODUCTION: Cristina Barbero. Estela Manaut. Flavia Ribes Renshaw. PRESS & COMUNICATION: Alba Gil Collado. PHOTOGRAFÍA & GRAPHIC DESIGN: Rubén Cebolla. TRASLATION & SUBTÍTLES: Anna Tomás Aníbal Gleza Enrique Sala Ledesma  SYNCRO: Emilio Oviedo WEB:… Continue Reading →

Official Section 5th Edition

New Deadline

Ampliamos el plazo para las dos convocatorias de DONA I CINEMA Sección Oficial y Concurso Carteles NUEVO PLAZO: 30 JUNIO 2018 We extended the deadline for DONA I CINEMA Official Selection and Poster Competition NEW DEADLINE: 30 JUNE 2018  … Continue Reading →

Call for entries V Woman & Film Festival

CONVOCATORIA El V Festival Internacional Dona i Cinema – Mujer y Cine – Woman & Film vuelve en enero 2019. Abrimos convocatoria para trabajos posteriores a enero de 2015. Largometrajes, cortometrajes, documentales, ficción, animación y videoarte de cualquier temática: única… Continue Reading →

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