Largo de ficción I 80’ I IRÁN I 2018.

Maryam Zahirimehr.


A grief-stricken, reclusive, woman and a young newcomer, become intertwined by the pain of the woman’s past and the trauma that lingers.


  • Regina International Film Festival Regina
  • Mzansi Women’s Film Festival Johannesburg
  • Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco San Francisco
  • Dhaka International Film Festival Dhaka
  • Femme Revolution Film Fest México city
  • San Benedetto Film Fest
  • RIFFA – Regina International Film Festival and Awards, 2018, Canada, WINNER for best International feature
  • New York International Films Infest Festival (US) (NYCIFIF), 2018, USA, WINNER for best experimental feature director
  • 5 continent International Film Festival, 2018, Venezuela, WINNER for the best Independent Film, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best young actress
  • 24th Kolkata International Film Festival, 2018, India, Official selection
  • Dhaka International film festival, 2019, Bangladesh, Official selection
  • Female eyes film festival, 2018, Canada, screening as films about violence against women.
  • The Mzansi Women’s Film Festival (MWFF), 2019,South Africa, official selection for Best women film
  • SAGA International Women’s Film Festival, 2018, Australia, official selection
  • San Benedetto Film Fest, 2018, Semifinalist
  • CICFF – Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, 2019, India, Outstanding achievement award in Film On Wome
  • Femme Revolution Film Fest, 2019, Mexico, Official selection
  • San Francisco Iranian Film Festival, 2018, USA, Semi-Finalis
  • Nile’s Diaspora International film Festival, 2018, Uganda, Official selection
  • The Iranian Film Festival of Zürich (IFFZ), 2019, Switzerland, Official selection
  • International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF), 2018, Croatia, Official selection
  • 4° BAHIA INDEPENDENT CINEMA FESTIVAL, BRAZIL, 2018, Brazil, Official selection
  • JAIPUR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL- JIFF, 2019, India, Official selection


Endless? Trailer from Maryam Zahirimehr on Vimeo.


Filmmaker | Director / Producer / Writer / Cinematographer / Editor Independent filmmaker Maryam Zahirimehr is a native of Iran and has  worked in Iran and the U.S. for the past 8 years as a filmmaker, photographer, and teacher.  She came to the USA to get her MFA in photography and integrated media in 2012 after getting master in management from Tehran University. Her work is always looking into concerns of women’s lives and their rights in Iran and all over the world. The way of looking is like a fake dreamy scene which lets us approach the truth. being face to every single  element demonstrated in the location. A sweet search in my life as a woman, mother, wife, and artist to realize my particular identity. What I was, what I am, and what I want to be as a  part of the society, called a woman. Searching for something you struggling to find it out  through your normal everyday life using art.  She has got a gold medal in photography from international photo festival Slovenia in 2011.  Her earlier video pieces and short films “Identity, Short film “Like Pain, Like Cigarette” nominated for best New england film festival(MASSIFF) in 2017, “Talk to the fish,  “Inevitable Destination, “Invisible Woman”.