The team of Roller Derby of Valencia, Rayo Dockers, accompanies us in the projection.

Documentary feature film I 52’ I FRANCIA I 2018. World premier.

DIRECTOR: Margaïd Quioc

In the cities of Marseille and Cairo, there are those women who refuse to conform to the roles that society wants to impose on them.
In France they are called “Bloody Skulls”. In Egypt, they call themselves “Cairollers”. These are two teams united by their passion for a violent contact sport where the falls are spectacular: roller derby.
They’ve overcome several obstacles to organise the first official roller derby match in the Middle East, in Cairo. It promises to be an explosive rendezvous.
It will be more than just a confrontation between two teams who come from different sides of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a film about women in Marseille and Cairo, who are creating a revolution of their own by taking destiny into their hands.


Teaser Roller Girl VF BA from vvideo on Vimeo.

Journalist and filmaker, Margaïd Quioc lives in Marseille, southern France. She covers the news for various titles and agencies (Associated Press, Capresse, Marsactu, Le Ravi…)

She also develops long term projects. In 2013, she realised a long video story about daily life in a Romani slum of the city.

“Revolution roller girls” a Babel Doc production will be broadcasted in France 3 Paca in 2018.