Documentary feature film I 52’ I FRANCIA I 2016. Premier in Europa.

DIRECTOR: Aicha Macky.

As a married but childless woman, Aicha finds herself in a situation that is totally “out of the ordinary” in her country, Niger, where women are expected to have children. But just like everywhere else in the world today, Niger also experiences problems with infertility.

Based on her personal story, Aicha Macki explores the private suffering of women in her situation with great sensitivity. Speaking openly as a childless woman among mothers, she breaks a taboo in Nigerien society.

AMMA Nigeria 2016 por el mejor documental.


Born in 1982 in Zinder, Republic of Niger. She earns a Master 1 in Sociology, then did a Master in Documentary Filmmaking at Gaston Berger University (Saint-Louis, Sénégal) in 2013.
Her debut short was Moi et ma maigreur / Me and my thinness (13 mn, 2011), about inhabitants of Niger and their thin body perception.
Savoir faire le lit (2013) is Aicha Macky’s film degree at St-Louis University, about taboos around sexuality education and relations mother/daughter (Forum africain du Film documentaire de Niamey, Festival Cinémas d’Afrique d’Angers, Festival du film d’Amiens, Festival de Lausanne, Festival de Films de Femmes de Dakar…).
She continues her training with Contre champs and Maggia Images (Niger), working as assistant for many features and documentaries among them Une journée avec Alhousseini directed by Idi Nouhou.
The FruitlessTree / L’Arbre sans fruit (Les films du balibari / Maggia Images – 2016) is her first feature documentary, about infertility: a taboo in Niger. The film won the AMAA 2016 AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY at he 12th African Movie Academ yAwards (AMAA 2016), Nigeria.
Aïcha MACKY is currently working on a new documentary : La voix de l’eau (Voice of the water) about political issues around the water in Zinder, her hometown.