Short fictional film I 15’ I RUSIA I 2017 | Premier in Spain.
DIRECTOR: Tatiana Fedorovskaya.

Actor: Viktor  Kruglyak.
Actor: Dmitry  Pervushin.


An old widower, former radio operator, perceives a flashing bulb as his late wife’s messages from Heavens


  • Flickers 35th Rhode Island International Film Festival. Premio Mejor Cinematografía.
  • Vgik International Student Film Festival. Premio Mejor Cinematografía. Premio Mejor Director Artísitco.
  • 60th NATIONAL ACADEMY OF CINEMATOGRAPHIC ARTS AND SCIENCES OF RUSSIA GOLDEN EAGLE AWARD (Short Films Category, Moscow, Russia). Nominación mejor cortometraje.
  • 22nd BROOKLYN FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, USA) Premio Mejor Cinematografía
  • 6th RURAL FILMFEST (Official Selection, Ciudad Real, Spain) Premio Mejor Corto Ficción
  • 2nd SHORT LONG WORLD FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Corrientes, Argentina) Premio Mejor Cortometraje dirigido por una mujer.



Born on 23-SEP-1979 in Magnitogorsk, USSR. After graduating from the local University in 2004, she moved to Moscow, where she started her actress and artist career. She played lead characters in ten narrative films and TV series. Her paintings participated in several international exhibitions in Austria, Germany and Russia. Her “Jewish painting series” is permanently exhibited at Moscow Choral Synagogue.
In 2017, she graduated from Higher Courses for Screenplay Writers and Film Directors. Moscow, Russia (tutorship by Vladimir Menshov, Oscar Winner-1981).
Tatiana periodically publishes her short stories at – a popular Russian Internet platform.