Thursday 17 January | 7pm | Octubre CCC.


Films Festival of Femmes de Créteil et du Val de Marne (FIFF)since 1979 has been defending the cinematographic realization of women directors from all over the world. Fighting against all forms of discrimination, race, sex, culture, social class, assumes its double heritage towards feminism and cultural action, placing the interrogation on the image and the modes of representation in the center oftheir reflections.


« Mbëkk mi » are two Wolof words that evoke illegal immigration. The expression slaps like the canoes that hit the ocean waves and often crash at the end of their trip. But Mbëkk mi especially means standing up to fate’s deadly blows. These young Senegalese are ready to face many dangers for a better life. But what happens on the other side? Those cursed by the sea leave behind loved ones. We hear their unique voices in this documentary. In the intimacy of simple conversations, they deliver overwhelming words of restraint.

Mbëkk Mi received the special mention of the Anna Politovskaya jury from the Festival de Films des Femmes of Créteil and Val de Marne, 2013, a film sponsored by Images en Libraries.

Directora, Cámara, Sonido y Edición: 

Sophie Bachelier


SB production

País: Francia

Duración: 54Min

Año de producción: 2012



Sophie Bachelier is a photographer and filmmaker, graduated in Decorative Arts of Paris and has a DESS in ethnology. In search of this part of humanity contained in each one of us, she is interested in the way in which collective history submerges in singular destinies and transforms them. In the whole world as in Paris, she leads a work about memory, wandering, exile, trace. With her images and films, she tells of her unique encounters with those she met on her way.