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Anne Scheschonk


At the age of 12 Maya lost all of her hair. Within a couple of weeks she turned completely bald. The diagnosis: Alopecia areata. Two years later she has gotten used to her baldness. But summer is a brutal time. It’s too hot to hide under a wig or a hat. Then, Maya feels naked, and she asks herself: How do others perceive me? Am I alright the way I am? Am I beautiful? Almost like a way to provide the answers, Maya takes lots of selfies, just like her friends. And somewhere in between swiping, liking and sharing, the girls are growing into young women. MySEFLFie is a documentary about searching and finding one’s inner self, and eventually self-love. A coming-of-age film that portrays the self-exploration of a whole generation by looking at Maya’s story.




OK LEIPZIG (Official Selection, Leipzig, Germany)OCTOBER 29, 2019

14th VOX FEMINAE FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Zagreb, Croatia)

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Anne Scheschonk studied Media Sciences and Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Visual Anthropology. She has worked as an editorial assistant and set manager for TV productions. In 2011 and 2018/19 she participated in Master Classes for documentary film. She currently works as a freelance author in television and filmmaker. Her documentary works are about people who are perceived as being „different“, and often are socially stigmatized: the intellectually disabled mother, the transgender child, the teenage girl dealing with hairloss. Sensitive portraits of individuals that are asking questions about identity, and pointing out relevant issues of our times: acceptance, inclusion, equality.