Mireia Ros as a self taught artist takes turns between being an actress and a filmmaker and screenwriter.

Her first film, Los Monyos with an original screenplay was nominated to novicel direction in the Goya 1997 and selected in the Film Festival Mar de Plata, Chicago international film festival and many others.

The triumph, a film adaptation from the novel of Francisco Casavella was selected for the Panorama Berlinale and also in the spanish film festival of 2006 where she won 2 gold biznagas for the best actor Juan Diego and the best original music by Johnny Tarradellas.

Barcelona before time erases it, won the Gaudi award for the best documentary not only released in Paris and in other french cities, but also in the spanish film week in the Lincoln Center of NY.

Down n´hi do-La cámara bailarina, was selected in Málaga out of the competition. She has also directed three films for television The zoo of Pitus and adaptation from the classic children’s novel from Sebastià Sorribas. Wendy placa 20957, an adaptation from the novel The night where Wendy learnt to fly by Andreu Martin and Junts.