Poster designed by Miefen Zhou

“My name is Miefen Zhou, I am 24 years old and I am a graphic designer. I left EASD in Valencia two years ago and luckily I have been working as a designer since I finished my degree, I love my job and I have a great passion for the world of design and the minimalist style. The idea of my poster was to create a very direct and visual image, as well as being attractive to look at to be attractive. The detail of the spotlight makes diverse and inclusive female filmmakers prominent, with a simple and elegant style representing your entity of Dona I Cinema well. The faces and lips are inspired a bit by your logo to make it representative. I wanted to participate in the poster contest since what you do as an organization and artistic branch seems to me of great value and admirable, Therefore, I wanted to participate as a woman and professional to contribute my grain of sand to this great event.”