She’s a director, screenwriter, and producer. She completed several specializations related to cinema from the hands of reputed professionals: Film Direction with Noé Aguilera, Script with Nacho Ruipérez and Elena Escura, and Production with Ana Ruiz and Sixto García. In 2020, she set up her own production company Inquietafilms.

Having participated in a number of filmings during 2020, she debuted as a director and screenwriter with the short film “Aunque el tiempo pase”. Her short films have toured several festivals and have been awarded. One of them, “La butaca de la puta”, has already won several awards such as Best Actress ex aequo (Cristina Fernandez Pintado and Paloma Vidal) and CIMA Awards for Best Director. Besides, the short film was a finalist in the Berlanga Awards and received a Biznaga Award “Mujeres en escena” at the Malaga Film Fest.  Her last project, the short film “El silenci d’Alma” has already been selected in some festivals like Festival de Cine de SAX and Humans Fest, among others.