Pepa Sastre, audiovisual producer. For 13 years, she has managed a communications and advertising company, where she worked in the branding and the artistic direction of graphic projects. She has conducted the artistic direction of advertising spots and media campaigns for clients such as À Punt.

Currently, she owns an audiovisual production company Incomedia Producciones. She has performed the artistic direction of the transmedia project “Max Aub Mapa”, directed by Elisa Ferrer and nominated for Best documentary short film at the Berlanga Awards. She co-produced and conducted the executive production of the animation short film “Estic bé mama”, directed by Josema Palenzuela and nominated for Best animation short film at the Berlanga Awards, and “#Precaritystory”, by Lorena Cervera and Isabel Seguí.

Right now, she is carrying out the artistic direction of projects such as the transmedia documentary “El silence d’un pati” by Mari Carmen Blanco (winner of the Docs Valencia 2021) and the documentary project “Paco Roca, dibujando la vida” directed by Batiste Miguel from Docuproducciones. Simultaneously, she is producing the animated short film project “Encarna y Hueso” by Blanca López and Isidro Valdivia.