The Dona i Cinema Association works in collaboration with various entities both locally, nationally and internationally, to make the work of women in cinema visible and to achieve true parity in the industry.

TRAMA — Shorts in feminine

TRAMA – Coordinator of Film, Video and Multimedia Shows and Festivals made by women

Since 2019 we are part of the TRAMA coordinator, which brings together several samples and festivals dedicated to films made by women in the Spanish state.

Through the coordinator, we launched the Short Films for Women contest, a program of short films made by women in the Spanish State, which is held annually. The selected works are projected in the different samples that make up the coordinator. (Barcelona, Bilbao, Chiclana, Huesca, Pamplona, Valencia and Zaragoza).

Living Show of the Mediterranean

Since its beginnings, in 2013, Dona i Cinema has collaborated with the Mostra Viva del Mediterrani competition. During 6 editions in the Dona i Cinema de la Mediterrania section and since 2018 in the Performing Arts section with the Trobada de Videocreació

Interterritorial Working Group 50/50

In 2019 Dona i Cinema joined the INTERTERRITORIAL WORKING GROUP 50/50 in 2025 (GTI) which represents more than 1,000 professional women in the audiovisual industry and is made up of:

  • AMMA Andalusian Association of Women in the Audiovisual Media.
  • AMMA Association of Women in Audiovisual Media of Murcia.
  • DONA I CINEMA Association of women from the Valencian Country.
  • DONES VISUALS Association for the Promotion of Cinematographers and Audiovisual Mitjans de Catalunya.
  • HEMEN Association of Audiovisual Women of the Basque Country.
  • MIA Association of Women in the Animation Industry.

The group works to convey the concerns of the different women’s audiovisual associations in various parts of the state, to public institutions and the most representative film festivals.