Call for Entries VI Biennal Women & Film

The VI Biennal Festival Dona i Cinema – Mujer y Cine – Woman & Film comes back in January 2021. We call for entries of works produces after 1st of January 2017. Feature, Shorts, documentaries, fiction, animation, video art of any theme:… Continue Reading →

Films de Femmes

Thursday 17 January | 7pm | Octubre CCC. GUEST FESTIVAL CYCLE. FILMS DE FEMMES DE CRÉTEIL Films Festival of Femmes de Créteil et du Val de Marne (FIFF)since 1979 has been defending the cinematographic realization of women directors from all… Continue Reading →

You can now request your press pass for the 5th Dona i Cinema International Biennial

Request your press pass for the Official Section of the International Dona and Cinema Festival that will take place from January 14 to 18 at the Babel Cinemas. The sessions will begin at 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m…. Continue Reading →

Poster Woman & Film 2019

On December 17, 2018, the poster of the V International Woman and Film Biennial was publicly presented. The poster has its origins in a monotype made with acrylic paint through the acetate stamp technique. The red lips, main element of… Continue Reading →

She Made It

VIDEOCREATION | 4 min. | TURKEY-UK | 2017 | PREMIERE SPAIN. CATEGORY: Science-Fiction / Videoart / Experimental. DIRECTOR: Lud Mônaco CAST: Catarina Rodrigues PRODUCER: Yeşim Guzelpinar (Balik Arts) SYNOPSIS: A young lady wanders through the building of an afterparty, meditating… Continue Reading →

Punto y Coma

VIDEOCREATION | 6’30 “| SPAIN | 2018 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. CATEGORY: VIDEOARTE. Direction: Judith Carmona Vargas. Production: Judith Carmona Vargas / Judit Padrosa SYNOPSIS Aura, a girl without knowing what to do with her life. Suffering a depression and… Continue Reading →

Moving Like Waves

VIDEOCREATION | 8 min. | PORTUGAL | 2016 | EUROPEAN PREMIERE. CATEGORY: VIDEODANZA DIRECTOR: Mariana Parasense Quote: “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost”. Author: Pina Bausch Produced and Directed by: Mariana Parasense Performance and Choreography: Oxana Grenkova SYNOPSIS Movement reverberates… Continue Reading →


VIDEOCREATION | 8’28 “| SPAIN I 2017 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. CATEGORY: Science-Fiction / Videoart / Experimental DIRECTOR: Anna María Staiano CAST: Graham Bell Tornado, Eva Pez, Abel Baguena. Lili After Tras, Jennifer Picken. Isaac Torres, Josey Heyes, Carolina Boluda… Continue Reading →

I Tie My Hat I Crease My Shawl

VIDEOCREATION | 3’26 “| ITALY I 2018 | WORLD PREMIERE. VIDEOARTE. DIRECTOR: ZENI FEBO. Cast: Sara Alessandrello SYNOPSIS Existence often appears to us without major events, so we tend to hide the void of it with tiny daily actions. But… Continue Reading →

Creatrincos Velve

ANIMATION I Winona Regan I USA I 4’37 | WORLD PREMIERE. DIRECTOR: Winona Regan SYNOPSIS Learning to resist fear and embrace pleasure. WINONA REGAN Independent animator from Los Angeles California.  


ANIMATION | 16 ‘9 “| USA | 2017 | PREMIERE IN SPAIN. DIRECTOR: Ana Mouyis. PRODUCER: Ana Mouyis. SYNOPSIS Through a metaphorical narrative about love, Dahlia explores a relationship between two people which is burdened by mental illness. Journey through… Continue Reading →

Count Your Curses

COUNT YOUR CURSES | ANIMATION | 8 ’30 “| BELGIUM | 2017 | PREMIERE IN SPAIN. DIRECTOR: Lorène Yavo. PRODUCER: Lorène Yavo. SYNOPSIS: In a town where supernatural beings are part of everyday life, two roommates face a recurring problem:… Continue Reading →

Bang Bang!

ANIMATION | 1’20 “| CANADA | 2018 | WORLD PREMIERE. DIRECTOR: Jackie Droujko. Producer: Jackie Droujko. SYNOPSIS Two girls sick of the daily grind thieve their way to riches. The duo strikes big, but will they bite more than they… Continue Reading →

Back in Fashion

ANIMATION | 8 ’23 “| SPAIN | 2017 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Belinda Bonan PRODUCER: Belinda Bonan and Joan Rubinat SYNOPSIS Pascal Benard, one of the best designers of all times, has come back to the world of fashion… Continue Reading →

1st Day & Next Minute

ANIMATION | 2 ’45 “| DENMARK | 2017 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Sara Koppel. PRODUCER: NAKED LOVE FILM & KOPPEL ANIMATION. SYNOPSIS: An explicit punk-rush adventure into a gender fluid person zone of desires where lust & responsibility is… Continue Reading →

The Good Education

SHORT DOCUMENTARY | 29 ‘| CHINA, FRANCE | 2017 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Gu Yu. PRODUCER: Hippocampe Productions. SYNOPSIS The exams are close, the school year is coming to an end for Peipei, a young artist aspirant of a… Continue Reading →

Not an Isolated Story

SHORT DOCUMENTARY | 20′ | BRAZIL | 2017 | PREMIERE IN SPAIN. DIRECTOR: MARTA PINHEIRO. FESTIVALS Encontros de Cinema de Viana do Castelo 2018 (Portugal) Mostra Livre de Cinema 2018 (Brazil)-Winner- Women Filmmakers Cabo Verde International Film Festival 2018 (Cape… Continue Reading →

Niñas de Uchituu

SHORT DOCUMENTARY | 28 ‘| COLOMBIA | 2016 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Helena Salguero. PRODUCERS: Helena Salguero, Edgar Solarte Arciniegas, Brilly Cáceres Peralta. CAST GIRLS: Yelitza Uriana, Sonia Epieyú MOTHERS: Aliris Epieyú (Q.E.P.D), Nancy Epieyú GRANDMA: Toñita Epieyu PROFESSOR:… Continue Reading →

Mother in Arms

SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM I 21´10” I BIRMANIA I 2018 | PREMIERE IN EUROPE. DIRECTOR: NU NU HLAING. SYNOPSIS: Mi Sue Pwint is a member of the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front, the student army formed after nationwide protests were brutally… Continue Reading →

Mini Miss

SHORT DOCUMENTARY I 15 ‘I BRAZIL I 2018 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. DIRECTOR: Rachel Daisy Ellis. Producer: Rachel Daisy Ellis. CAST Eloah Carvalho Eloísa Pinto de Almeida Lara Steffans Kunzler Maria Helena Muller Maria Vitoria de Melo SYNOPSIS Filmed entirely… Continue Reading →

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