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She Made It

VIDEOCREATION | 4 min. | TURKEY-UK | 2017 | PREMIERE SPAIN. CATEGORY: Science-Fiction / Videoart / Experimental. DIRECTOR: Lud Mônaco CAST: Catarina Rodrigues PRODUCER: Yeşim Guzelpinar (Balik Arts) SYNOPSIS: A young lady wanders through the building of an afterparty, meditating… Continue Reading →

Punto y Coma

VIDEOCREATION | 6’30 “| SPAIN | 2018 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. CATEGORY: VIDEOARTE. Direction: Judith Carmona Vargas. Production: Judith Carmona Vargas / Judit Padrosa SYNOPSIS Aura, a girl without knowing what to do with her life. Suffering a depression and… Continue Reading →

Moving Like Waves

VIDEOCREATION | 8 min. | PORTUGAL | 2016 | EUROPEAN PREMIERE. CATEGORY: VIDEODANZA DIRECTOR: Mariana Parasense Quote: “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost”. Author: Pina Bausch Produced and Directed by: Mariana Parasense Performance and Choreography: Oxana Grenkova SYNOPSIS Movement reverberates… Continue Reading →


VIDEOCREATION | 8’28 “| SPAIN I 2017 | PREMIERE IN VALENCIA. CATEGORY: Science-Fiction / Videoart / Experimental DIRECTOR: Anna María Staiano CAST: Graham Bell Tornado, Eva Pez, Abel Baguena. Lili After Tras, Jennifer Picken. Isaac Torres, Josey Heyes, Carolina Boluda… Continue Reading →

I Tie My Hat I Crease My Shawl

VIDEOCREATION | 3’26 “| ITALY I 2018 | WORLD PREMIERE. VIDEOARTE. DIRECTOR: ZENI FEBO. Cast: Sara Alessandrello SYNOPSIS Existence often appears to us without major events, so we tend to hide the void of it with tiny daily actions. But… Continue Reading →


SHORT FICTIONAL FILM | 9’ 23” | REINO UNIDO | 2017 | WORLD PREMIERE. DIRECTOR: Emma Miranda Moore. PRODUCER: There You Are. Dancers: Carmela Birch Georgina Bradley Brandon Brereton Holly Collins Ossie Crick Scooter Crick Tyra Egbri Shea Finkelstein Imogen… Continue Reading →

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